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With only 1063 Mountain Gorillas left in the world, 

 Conservation is Key.

YOU can help make a difference


Participating in our fundraising event, collecting donations and/or raising funds, you are helping to save the lives of wild gorillas in Africa.


The funds we raise goes directly toward scholarships in veterinary medicine for African students who will directly impact the survival of wild gorillas in their natural habitat.

Because of You, we have awarded two veterinarians full scholarships in the master's program in "Wildlife Health and Management" Our two veterinarians are currently studying at the Makerere university in Kampala, Uganda.

Because of You, we just awarded a one year internship to a veterinarian at Lwiro in the Democratic Republic of Congo.



YOU can start Fundraising today!

Helpful Tips for taking Credit Card Donations. 

Does someone want to pay you using a credit card? This is what to do.

1. Click on the Donate button and you will be taken to the PayPal Site. 


2. Enter the amount you wish to donate.

     You will be taken to your PayPal account or you can donate with your credit card.

     All Donations are made to the Mountain Gorilla Conservation Society of Canada.


3. Log into PayPal, enter in your information, identify what the donation is for and who it is for. 

     Look for a link on the page that says "Add Special Instructions to the Seller".
     ie. I am Sponsoring "John Smith" for the Edmonton Gorilla Run.


​4. Click the Donate Now Button and you are done!

Donations $20 and over receive a Charitable Tax Receipt.

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