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There are approximately 1064 Mountain Gorillas left in the world!


Together, with your help, We can Save Lives, Donate today!










Are you an Edmonton Gorilla Run Fundraiser?


Are you receiving Donations? If so, you are eligible to receive donation incentives!!!

Check out our Fundraise Page. Click Here.



Do you want to Donate Online?


To Donate to someone Fundraising for the Gorilla Run and you wish they receive credit for your donation, you can enter the Fundraiser's information after you log in to PayPal and before you hit the Donate Now Button.


When you donate on line, you will we able to add instructions. Identify what it is for and who it is for.


From the website, click on the Donate Button.

It will take you to the PayPal web site.

Look for the link: + Add special instructions to the seller:

Enter your information. Identify what it is for and who it is for.

I am Sponsoring Glenna Gorilla for the Edmonton Gorilla Run

Click the Donate Now Button.

and you are done!


All Donations $20 and over, will receive a Charitable Tax receipt


See you at the run!

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